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Change your profile picture on Scamwatcher

Scamwatcher threads display profile pictures. Currently (in 2020), the image displayed is directly linked to the avatar centralization service: Gravatar.png This service, widely used throughout the world, allows to link an email address to a photo. Once this operation is carried out, the websites that have your e-mail address can automatically display the photo that has been entered on this platform. This is the case of Scamwatcher, for example. Some users are surprised by the display of their photo and wish to remain anonymous. Others, on the contrary, wish to personalize their avatar.

How to modify the profile photo on Scamwatcher

  1. Log in if you have an account or create one.
  2. Edit or delete your photo.

Once done, your profile picture on Scamwatcher should be updated immediately.

What if you don't want to change your Gravatar profile picture?

You refuse to change the profile picture on Gravatar and you still want the picture not to be displayed on Scamwatcher? In this case, the only solution is delete your comment. There is nothing to stop you from reposting a comment with another email address (one that is not linked to Gravatar).

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