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How to edit or delete a comment on Scamwatcher?

{ :faq:info_sva.jpg?nolink&400| On Scamwatcher, users can post comments on alerts in 2 ways: while logged in or offline (without having created an account). If in the first case, modification or deletion options are systematically displayed, it is not the case in the second. Indeed, the comment system is particularly free and allows users to enter comments by filling in only a pseudonym and an email address. Once the comment is online, it happens that the users want to modify or delete it. To do this, nothing could be easier: You just have to switch to online mode. Indeed, comments posted offline are automatically associated with a created account and options to modify or delete are displayed! The only condition for the association to work is that the email address used to create the account is the same as the one used to post the comment…

How to use

To modify or delete a comment you have posted, proceed as follows:__

  1. Create an account using the same email address as the one entered when you added the comment.
  2. Log in with the login and password you used when you created the comment.
  3. Go to the page where the comment was posted : you will then notice that modification and deletion icons will be displayed.

Only the text of the comment can be changed. If you want to change the nickname, you should delete the comment!

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