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Update Google results

It is common for people who see content changes or deletions on Scamwatcher to not see these changes in the search engines (especially in Google). This is easily explained: search engines have what is called an index.These are records of pages as they have been seen by search engine crawlers: for example, Google's crawler is called Googlebot. These exploration robots browse the Internet at a high rate, but it can take several days before they return to the same place. This explains the discrepancy that can exist between the content of Scamwatcher and the results observed in the search engines. Fortunately, some search engines offer forms to “force” the crawler to pass. In this case, the delay for taking into account modifications generally only takes a few hours.

How to operate for Google

To force the update of Google for a specific page, here is the procedure to follow

  1. Indicate the URL to be updated. It must be the one you see in the search engine.
  2. Click on “Request removal.”

Once the operation is done, Google will perform the update within 24H

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