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How to write a request to delete content on Scamwatcher?

Scamwatcher is a content host: it is a site that offers the possibility to Internet users to put online writings without any moderation. This system is particularly conducive to freedom of expression and is commonly found on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, blog comments, etc.). The content host therefore provides a means that Internet users are free to use and is not responsible for the content posted online. However, it happens that Internet users abuse their freedom to post content online that may be illegal. In this case, it is possible to inform the host so that it proceeds to their deletion. The French law, itself based on a European directive, describes in a very precise way the data to be communicated to the host so that this operation is carried out. This is the paragraph 5 of article 6 of the LCEN (law of confidence in the digital economy).

How to write a request for deletion of contents

Exhaustive elements to be communicated

  • the date of the notification
  • if the notifier is a natural person : his surname, first names, profession, domicile, nationality, date and place of birth; if the notifier is a legal person : its form, its name, its registered office and the body which legally represents it
  • the name and domicile of the addressee or, if the addressee is a legal entity, its name and registered office; the description of the facts in dispute * the description of the disputed facts and their precise location (indicate precisely the writings, not only the page or pages)
  • the reasons for which the content must be removed, including the legal provisions and justifications of facts. * copy of correspondence addressed to the author or publisher of the offending information or activity requesting that it be discontinued, removed or modified, or justification for why the author or publisher could not be contacted.

Send the request for removal of content to Scamwatcher

Several means are at your disposal:__

A request for deletion of content must demonstrate the manifestly illicit nature of the writings whose deletion is requested: as such, it is strongly recommended to be assisted by a lawyer specialized in digital law.

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