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Votes and user profiles

Scamwatcher has established itself over the past few years as the community platform for reporting online scams. Every day, hundreds of reports and comments are made on the site… to the point that it is sometimes difficult to find your way around! So we thought it was necessary to add two new features: voting and user profiles.

Votes for the best comments

On some reports, you can find hundreds of comments… of very different qualities! So it's hard for someone who arrives on the page to find relevant information in these conditions. The votes allow each one to indicate which comments seem relevant to him in order to help the others. Votes are limited to one per day for users who don't have an account: you should therefore create an account (free) if you want to participate. Note that it is also possible to vote “negatively” for a comment, but that this function is reserved for our most qualitative contributors. How do we know that a contributor of Scamwatcher is of quality? Thanks to the profiles, as we'll see right away!

More influence for the best contributors

In the past, everyone on Scamwatcher, whether they were quality contributors or just passing visitors, had the same amount of influence on the site. We think it's time to put more emphasis on good contributions, but also on their authors ! We can now easily distinguish a casual visitor from a registered user on Scamwatcher thanks to the circle that appears around the user's avatar The more quality the member is, the more the circle fills up with the colors of Scamwatcher as on the left image. But how to become a quality member? Just participate! Users who make contributions deemed useful by their comments, votes or reports will regularly see their status evolve. The higher a member's status, the more votes they can cast each day. Occasionally, you may also come across users surrounded by a solid circle (yellow or green most of the time): these are the site moderators.

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