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The internal messaging of Scamwatcher : why and how it works ?

It was a request we had for a long time… it is finally fulfilled: Scamwatcher has now an internal messaging which allows its users to communicate with protected from prying eyes. Why was this evolution necessary? How to best use it? This is what we explain here

Why an internal messaging system?

For a long time, some users have been looking to get in touch with others for different reasons:

  • grouping to take joint action against a crook
  • to get details about a problem someone is having
  • To ask a question about a specific issue: whether a product was received, a refund obtained, etc.
  • discuss a particular problem encountered on the site

To get around this lack of internal messaging, some people used to leave their email as a comment on the site, which exposed them to various problems: recovery of the email by spammers, confusion with swindlers using this type of technique in particular. With the growth of our community, this messaging became really necessary… But it required a lot of work to get what we really wanted. Now that the first version is here, let's see how to best use it.

How to contact another user?

A prerequisite for contacting a user is that you have an account with him/her: you must have an account. Then, if you can contact him, you will see an envelope next to his nickname in the comments.
You can then write a message in the window that appears. The person to whom you have written will receive a notification, if they have set up their account to do so. Note that Scamwatcher is a community site and that nothing obliges it to answer you.

How do I keep track of my different conversations?

You will receive a notification when someone writes to you. First on the screen when you are on the site:
But also by email, depending on the settings in your message management preferences : You will notice on this last screen that you can limit the messages coming from other users of the site. We have indeed provided various features to prevent spammers and other scammers from coming to bother you.

How to limit the risks when using this messaging service?

This messaging system allows you to communicate privately without having to reveal your identity and contact information. So think twice before giving personal details to someone you don't know through this medium. Indeed, scammers are everywhere and some are also roaming on Scamwatcher! To give you an indication of the reliability of your interlocutors, a small icon is present at the top of the conversation next to the nickname: If you click on it, you get details: new user, regular user, experienced user, or administrator of Scamwatcher. In the latter case, don't worry. If someone insists, annoys you by his behavior or even seems dangerous, you can block him.

Why am I limited in sending messages?

The number of new conversations you can start each day is limited based on your experience on the site. This restrictive measure is designed to avoid spam. If you want to give information that is not personal or confidential to multiple people, the best solution is to use public comments.

How to talk to different people at the same time?

Group conversations are not possible at the moment… but they will come, I promise!

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